It’s Tasty!

Adult webmasters are well aware that content is what sells their sites and retains their members. The mistake some site owners make is that they define their own content too narrowly. While human surfers are drawn to pictures and videos, search engine robots almost entirely ignore them in favor of the page text that less profitable sites often overlook.

EngineFood.com provides top quality text services creative and entertaining enough to excite human readers, but also keyword rich and carefully targeted to satisfy the cravings of the all important search engines as well. While some writers do a nice job keeping humans happy and others find ways to 'game' the search engines effectively, only a professional text provider can consistently supply your sites with fresh exclusive text that effectively does both. We call that special variety of SEO text 'Engine Food'. When you offer better text on your site, you can expect significant results with humans and search engines in terms of engine SERP placements, conversion ratios, member retention and site quality rankings.

Engine Food supplies keyword-rich text that is high in all of the essential vitamins and minerals a search engine needs to allow your website to grow up healthy, strong and profitable. Please take a look at our site and notice not only the extensive client list, world-class portfolio and straight-forward approach we believe in - also keep an eye on our site text! After all, it's the text on this site that the search engines are looking at and it's the text on your site that they are focused on as well.

On this site's main page the primary keyword "text" is used 11 times in varied contexts. Search Engine Bots were each excited to notice that important keyword fact.

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